The Inattentional Blindness Collection


A collection of videos that can be used to induce the failure of awareness known as “inattentional blindness.” The collection includes the famous Selective Attention Test (gorilla) video (1999), the Monkey Business Illusion (2010), and many others.


This collection of videos, created by Professor Daniel Simons and his students, allows presenters to induce a striking failure of awareness known as inattentional blindness: When people focus attention on one thing, they often failure to notice unexpected objects, even a person in a gorilla suit. This collection includes the “invisible gorilla” selective attention test and many others. It is the only collection that includes the 2010 Monkey Business Illusion. All of the videos are stand-alone files that can be incorporated into your lectures and presentations.  This product can be downloaded immediately after purchase. It comes as a zipped archive (~200MB) that includes all of the videos and an instructions file with descriptions of each set of videos. You can view the instructions file (opens in a new tab) and learn more about the contents before purchasing the DVD. Please review our policies before purchasing. After downloading your purchase, read the file named “READ_FIRST.txt.”